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Newsletter 2022

June 20, 2022

Subject :

New Tech: Liquid Flow Monitoring on Hoses, Tubes, Rigid Pipes, and More

[New Product] Next Generation of Clamp-On Flow Meter
New FD-H redefines possibilities of clamp-on flow monitoring:
• Rigid pipe, hose, and high temp models
• Liquids with bubbles, particulates, or chemicals
• No pipe modification, no downtime, no joke
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Inline Measurement Guide: Li-Ion Battery Manufacturing
A comprehensive guide to automated inline measurement and inspection applications in Li-Ion battery manufacturing. Click to find out how KEYENCE can assist with improving your in-process efficiency!
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Reduce Scrap Production
Save money and reduce scrap by implementing the IM-8000 Series Instant Measurement System. The technology can complete first article inspections within seconds.
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[New Product] X-pand Your Operations with Android™
Powered by Android™ 11, the DX Series come with built in remote management and lockdown software. The DX is also RFID and SIM capable to meet any application need.
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Easier Operation & Higher Resolution Imaging
View, capture, & measure with our all-in-one microscope!
With an easy-to-use interface and 4K CMOS image sensor, any user is able to capture high resolution images & accurate measurements in seconds.
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Bin Picking of Automotive Parts
Browse examples of 3D bin picking applications from the automotive industry. Even large parts with complex shapes can be picked from a bin, eliminating repetitive tasks for operators.
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Overcome Tough Materials with UV Lasers
UV laser markers are perfect for high-contrast, damage-free part marking thanks to their short wavelength. Download this guide to learn why UV lasers are being adopted in all manufacturing industries.
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What is a Multi-Point Laser Displacement Sensor?
The IX-Series can measure height at several locations, not just a straight line, all at once. A camera is used to specify the locations. Click for more info. On-site / virtual demos are free.
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