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Digital Microscope Analysis & Inspection of Med Devices

October, 2020

Are you currently using a stereoscope, or other optical microscope to observe, inspect, or analyze your medical devices? Are you interested in streamlining your inspection or analysis process, or interested in more accurate results? The VHX Series Digital Microscope is a fully-automated system that enables even novice users to observe samples, capture images, and perform 2D and 3D measurements.

The fully-automated system allows users to seamlessly switch from 20x - 6000x magnification. Advanced lighting functions ensure that even the smallest surface details can be accurately observed and communicated. Templates ensure that lighting and measurement conditions are always the same, so different users will achieve the same results.

The VHX Series Digital Microscope enables all Medical Device Inspection and analysis to be performed with a single device.

What can the VHX do for the Medical Device Industry?

Needle Inspection

The large depth-of-field accelerates inspection even at higher magnifications when the depth-of-field is limited. The Depth Up function can be used to automatically compose a fully-focused image in seconds.

The optics can be rotated around the needle for inspection from any angle, without having to move or fixture the needle.

Stent Inspection

The large depth-of-field of the VHX enables fully-focused imaging of stents. The bend radii can be measured non-destructively, and the glare that normally limits inspection can be minimized so the true surface of the stent can be observed.

Packaging Inspection

By using polarized light, reflectivity from the surface of a plastic packaging can be minimized for accurate inspection.

The large depth-of-field enables users to inspect tears or breaks, and the optics can be rotated so the source of the tear can be determined.

The VHX Series is a great addition to any group inspecting or analyzing med device components.

The fully-automated system allows for high-magnification observation, inspection, measurement, and analysis to be performed by any user.

The VHX Series is a powerful partner in overcoming the constantly changing trends and intense competition within the med device industry.

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