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How Lasers Improve Marking Quality and Reduce Costs

January, 2020

Are you currently using continuous inkjet printers or pad printers? If so, you may be wasting time and money. These traditional systems suffer from blurred images, ink consumables, ribbon replacements and plate/label changeovers. Laser markers can achieve far better results with lower running costs. Here's how:

Adding Value With Laser Markers

1 Improved Quality

Inkjet and pad-printing systems leave impermanent marks that can be rubbed off or fade away. Laser marking does not wear off or contaminate the product being marked. Worried about marking different materials? Learn more about choosing the right laser for your part.

2 Improved Process (Cost Reduction)

Conventional printing methods are not suitable for small volume production because they require significant preparation and are intended for high volume products. These methods lead to high consumable and maintenance costs. By switching to a laser marker, additional costs are eliminated and efficiency is improved.

KEYENCE has been an innovative leader in the laser marking industry since the early 1990’s. Our high speed, precision processing capabilities have evolved to include the world's first 3-Axis lasers and unrivaled marking quality among UV, Fiber and CO2 systems. The newest laser markers from KEYENCE are built upon years of experience and hands-on application knowledge. KEYENCE is committed to introducing new cutting-edge products that go beyond the expectations of its customers.