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Skilled Labor Shortages? No Problem! See How Anyone Can Use the IM

August, 2019

When evaluating your needs for a truly "Instant" measurement system, we have to ask ourselves what is actually important to us? A few things that come to mind are speed, efficiency and ease of use. Speed- Can you measure more in a shorter amount of time? Efficiency- Since, we're able to measure quicker are we measuring accurately and mistake-free? Ease of use- Can anyone, with any skill set operate your measurement tool? A skilled laborer is an excellent asset to your team, but what happens if he/she misses a day, isn't available, begins to slow down or make more mistakes? The IM is a system with universal usability and allows anyone with any skill set to become a valuable asset. Take a look at a few of the reasons why the IM might be your best new hire.

User Friendly Software

1 Easily Program Parts

Select the desired tool from the menu and use the mouse to easily outline a measurement area. The system then automatically identifies each measurement value within that area. With a convetntional Optical Comparator or Measuring Microscope, an in-depth understanding of measurement drawings and settings is needed to inspect parts.

2 Large Array of Measurement Applications and GD&T Tools Available

A large number of application specific tools are designed for measuring extremely small rounded corners, curved surfaces, pitch measurements, screw measurements, and many more to improve operation efficiency. In addition, GD&T tools are provided for concentricity, true position, and other functions. With an Optical Comparator and Measuring Microscope, GD&T measurements are often complex and time consuming to achieve.

3 Auto Pattern Recognition vs. Manual Visual Pattern Recognition

Simply Place and Press to receive pattern details with the IM. With an Optical Comparator or Measuring Microscope you will have to match the position and orientation of the target with the coordinates, move the stage up to the measurement point, and then will you be able to acquire the measurement value; You will also have to repeat this operation for every measurement point.

4 Automatic Data Analysis vs. Handwritten Data

The statistical analysis function allows for data analysis and report creation automatically, reducing the time spent on analyzing data. With an Optical Comparator or Measuring Microscope, measurement results are saved by hand and in order to perform data analysis the handwritten data must be input into a PC manually.

Being able to measure anything, anywhere, and anytime is not only convenient but efficient. The IM can assist skilled laborers or become an option for other less skilled workers to be just as valuable to your workforce. When considering another alternative you have to ask yourself a question: Does my current measurement system have the capability to measure quickly, efficiently, and provide universal usability? As always, the best thing to do is to evaluate your needs and choose a product that best suits them. If your answer is no to the question above, then KEYENCE's IM series should be on your radar as your next measurement investment.