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CL-3000 Series

Latest Update 12/3/2018
Version 1.02
Version Confirmation Method: Access “Version Information” under the “Help” menu in CL-Navigator to confirm the version.
Double-clicking beneath the controller version information will display additional version information for connected units.
Necessary Preparations:
  • Controller to be updated
  • 24 V power supply
  • USB cable
  • A PC with CL-Navigator installed
  • Do not turn the controller off while it is being updated.
  • Updating will restore the default settings to any controller setting program. Create a backup of the controller settings before proceeding.
How to Update
  1. Download the update tool.
  2. Perform the update.
    Open the downloaded update tool (UpdateToolN.exe).
    Use the update tool to select a previously downloaded update file (*.kud).
    Click the update button.
    The version confirmation screen will be displayed. Confirm that the updated version is correct.
    Restart the controller prior to use.

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