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This is an ESI file for EtherCAT® communication when the IV2 Series is connected to a DL-EC1A.

Connected Sensor:

IV2 Series (version R1.10.00 or later)

  • Multiple DL-EC1A ESI files cannot be installed in the configuration software. For example, an IV2 Series ESI file and a GT2 Series ESI file cannot be installed at the same time.
  • When connecting to the same network a DL-EC1A (EtherCAT┬« slave) to which a sensor amplifier other than the IV2 Series is connected, read the device comments of the installed ESI file as if they are device comments for this other sensor amplifier. For example, when using the GT2 Series with a system in which the IV2 Series ESI file is installed, refer to the device map in the DL-EC1A User's Manual and read the device comments for the IV2 Series as if they are device comments for the GT2 Series.

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