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Update file:


Checking the version number:
  • (1)Turn ON the menu on the run screen and touch the ”Monitor Settings" button.

  • (2)Touch the "System" button and then touch the "Monitor Information" button.

Necessary preparations:

USB memory


Do not turn of the power of the device while the update is being performed. Otherwise the device may be damaged.

The program settings will not be deleted.

Update process:
  • 1.Download the update file.

    • (1)Create a new folder on the hard disk drive.

    • (2)Click on the "download" button on the download site. A "File download" dialog will be displayed.

    • (3)Click on the "Save" button. A "Save as..." dialog will be displayed.

    • (4)Designate the folder you created in (1) as "save location" and click the "save" button. The update file will download.

    • (5)When you double-click the update file, a dialog opens asking you to enter the folder for file extraction. With the "browse" button specify the folder you just created and click "OK".

    • (6)Click on the "Extract" button to start the extraction.

    • (7)If the extraction completes normally, the following file will be created in the specified folder. The file extension may not be displayed depending on the settings of the PC.


  • 2.Update the monitor.

    • (1)Copy the created file to a USB memory.
      ・Connect a USB memory to the PC and open it.
      Copy the created file (IV_MONITOR_UPDATE_BIN) to the root folder of the USB memory. The root folder is the folder immediately after you open the USB memory. If the USB memory is the E drive, it is "E:\".
      ・Detach the USB memory from the PC.

    • (2)Connect the USB memory to the IV-M30.

    • (3)Turn ON the menu on the run screen and touch the ”Monitor Settings" button.
      If no sensor is connected, proceed with step (4).

    • (4)Touch the "System" button and then touch the "Update Monitor" button.

    • (5)Confirm the current version number and a new version number displayed on screen.

    • (6)If there are no problems, touch the "OK" button. The update will start.

    • (7)A "Now Updating..." screen will be displayed. When "Monitor update complete" is displayed on screen, the update is complete.

    • (8)Detach the USB memory and touch the "OK" button.

Main changes/revision history:
  • [Changes from R2.00.00 -> R3.00.40] Dec 1 2014
    1. Added feature
    List of NG Sensor Occurrences Function / NG Hold Function / Change Connected Sensor / Digital Zoom
    Corresponding to the connection to the IV-G series.

  • [Changes from R1.02.00 -> R2.00.00] Dec 25 2012
    1. Added feature
    Compatibility with Italian / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Korean

  • [Changes from R1.01.01 -> R1.02.00] Mar 22 2012
    1. Added feature
    Now supports German language.

  • [Changes from R1.00 -> R1.01.01] Mar 22 2012
    1. Added feature
    Now supports Chinese language (simplified/traditional).

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