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KV STUDIO (English version)

Restrictions on the trial version of KV STUDIO
  1. You can install the trial version of KV STUDIO only once on your computer.
    Installing the trial version twice disables it.
  2. You can start the trial version up to 50 times.
Supported OS

English versions of Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000

Operating environment

Windows 7/Vista:
Processor recommended by Microsoft Corporation
Memory recommended by Microsoft Corporation

Windows XP/2000:
Pentium 800MHz or higher (Pentium 1GHz or higher recommended)
Minimum of 256MB of memory

Installing the trial version of KV STUDIO
  1. Download desired software to any directory.
  2. When you run the downloaded file, the installation screen appears automatically.
    For subsequent operations, follow the on-screen instructions.

* This software can be uninstalled.

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