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LJ-X8000E/LJ-X8002(2D mode) Firmware Update Method

Update Method
  1. Download the update file from the Keyence homepage.

    [Notice] Update file for 3D mode is not available for 2D mode.

    An SD card(CA-SD16G/CA-SD4G/CA-SD1G/OP-87133) is needed to perform the update.
    Please make sure to use an official SD card.
    If you do not possess an official SD card, you can also take out and use the SD card from the SD1 slot of the controller. If you use an SD card that is not official, the update may fail or it may become impossible to start up the controller.

  2. Copy the file with the extension .upd to the root folder (highest layer) of the SD card.

    [Notice] Don’t place any other .upd file in the root folder.

    [Reference] If there are other files except the .upd file in the root folder, the update is available.

  3. If the application mode is 2D mode, turn off the controller. Then insert the SD card from step 2 into the SD2 slot. Turn on the controller.

  4. Check that the following screen is displayed after the regular start-up screen is displayed.
    The numerical values applicable at the time of the update will be shown in the parts of the screen represented with **** and ++++.

    Check that the target update shows the name of the file prepared in step 1 and then press the [Execute] button. The [Cancel] button can be used to cancel the procedure.
    Please do not turn off the power or remove the SD card while the update process is ongoing.
    When [Execute] is pressed, the controller will perform the firmware update.

  5. If the update is completed properly, the following message is displayed.

    When you remove the SD card from the SD2 slot and press [Reboot], the controller will restart and it can be used in the new version.

[Supplement] To user of LJ-X8002

LJ-X8002 is the controller that 3D mode or 2D mode is selectable. This document explains the update procedure of 2D mode. If 3D mode needs to be updated, download the update file for 3D mode and update it.
Confirm the details about that update with the download directions "LJ-X8002(3D mode) Firmware update method".
If only 2D mode is used, 3D mode update is not necessary.

Update details

September 2019  [Ver1.0.001]
  • Line Interpolation: Added 8 Lines and 16 Lines
  • Added “Center of Usage Range” is available in “Speed Up”
December 2019  [Ver1.1.0001]
  • Added support for German, Traditional Chinese, and Korean
  • Added support for LJ-X8200, 8400, and 8900 sensor heads
  • Added Image Mask Position Correction function
  • Added Laser irradiation position confirmation function
  • Profile data pitch (X): Added variable function
  • Added cursor recall icon
  • Added support for PROFINET communication
  • Added Light Boost function
March 2020  [Ver1.2.0001]
  • Added support for French, Italian, and Thai
  • Added continuous trigger stop button to statistics screen
  • Profile data pitch (X): Improved correction accuracy
  • Profile data pitch (X): LJ-X8200, LJ-X8400, LJ-X8900 Increased minimum input unit from 0.1 μm to 0.5 μm

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