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October 1, 2014


Controller software version 3.14

How to view the version:

Use this update tool to view the version.

Prepare the following:

The controller that you want to update
A 24 V power supply
A USB cable
A PC on which LJ-Navigator2 is installed


Do not turn the controller off while it is being updated.

The controller setup program is saved after the update is completed, but in case a problem occurs, we recommend that you back up the controller settings before you perform the update. (LJ-Navigator2 has a backup function.)

How to perform the update:
  • 1.Download the update tool.

    • (1)Create a new folder on your PC's hard drive.

    • (2)Select the update file, and then follow the instructions on the screen to download it.
      When a message is displayed asking you whether you want to run or save the file, select to save the file. Specify the folder that you created in step (1), and then click "Save."

  • 2.Perform the update.

    • (1)Unzip the "UpdateFiles_for_LJ-V7000_3_14.zip" file that you saved.

    • (2)In the folder that is generated, double-click "UpdateTool.exe."
      The "Update Tool" screen is displayed.

    • (3)Click (1) to select the update target file (with file extension .KUD).
      When the selected file is correctly read, the file name and contents are displayed at (2).

      • *If the file is not read correctly, an error message is displayed.
        Check whether the selected file is correct. If you cannot solve your problem, contact your local KEYENCE representative.
    • (4)Click the Execute Update button.

    • (5)The version confirmation screen is displayed. Confirm the current version, and then click the button to start the update if you want to execute the update.

      • *If you do not want to execute the update, click the cancel button, and then restart the controller.
    • (6)When the completion message is displayed, the update process is complete.
      Restart the controller.

      • *If communications fail during the update, an error message is displayed, so carry out the procedure again from step (2).

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