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Latest update:



How to confirm the version:
  • View the first line in the "Version Information" dialog,
    which is displayed in [Version Information] under the [Help] menu.

    If the following version number is displayed,
    the update is not required.

    LS-Navigator2 Version
    Copyright (C) 2012 KEYENCE CORPORATION.
    All rights reserved.

Necessary preparations:
  • A PC with an older version of LS-Navigator2 installed on it

  • Make sure to confirm the version information for LS-Navigator2 before updating. This update file only functions to update an older version of LS-Navigator2 that has already been installed. Please do not discard the Master Disk that you have purchased, as a new installation cannot be performed using an update file only.

    In addition, the Manual folder found in the folder where LS-Navigator2 has been installed will not be updated.

How to update:
  • 1.Download the update file.
    This can be downloaded using the following procedures:

    • (1)Create a new folder on your hard disk.

    • (2)From the selection, follow the instructions given on the screen to download the update file.
      Once a message asking you to run or save this file has been displayed, select save, indicate the folder that was created in step (1) and then click the Save button.

  • 2.Perform the update.

    • (1)Unzip the downloaded file named "LS-Navigator2_Update_forLS-9000_ver1_2_0_0.zip".

    • (2)After unzipping the file, run "setup.exe" inside the resulting folder.
      Perform installation according to the given instructions.

    • (3)Installation is complete once it shows that the InstallShield Wizard is complete.

    • (4)Launch LS-Navigator2 and check the first line inside the "Version Information" dialog that is displayed in "Version Information" under the [Help] menu. The update has been properly completed if the version number given below is displayed.

      LS-Navigator2 Version
      Copyright (C) 2012
      All rights reserved.

Major Changes/Revision History:
  • [Version]: 07/17/2013

    • Supports EtherNet/IP™ communication unit (CB-EP100) and PROFINET communication unit (CB-PN100) compatible controllers (version 3.01.00)

  • [Version]: 04/15/2013

    • Supports BCD unit (CB-BD100) compatible controllers (version 2.00.00)

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