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SK-H Data Acquisition


Software to save data stored in the main unit of SK-H050 into a PC in CSV format

Last updated:

Oct. 14, 2014


How to check the version:

Activate the software to select [Version information].
Then, the version will be displayed.

Supported OS:



PC to install SK-H Data Acquisition

Notes about the main unit of SK-H050:
  • Operation of buttons of the main unit is disabled while the main unit is connected to a PC.

  • Power will not be automatically turned OFF while the main unit is connected to a PC.

  • Power cannot be supplied from a USB port to SK-H050.

How to install:
  • 1.Downloading the file

      (1)Create a new folder in the hard disc.

      • Right-click the mouse on the desktop.
        Selecting [Folder] in [Create new] on the pull-down will create a [New folder].

      • Name a [New folder].

      (2)Click [Download] in a download page.
      [Download file] dialog will appear.

      (3)Click [Save] in [Download file].
      [Save as] dialog will appear.

      (4)Specify the folder created in (1) to saving destination, and click [Save].
      SK-H Data Acquision_v1_0_3_0_setup.exe will be downloaded.

  • 2.Installing software

      (1)Execute setup.exe that has been downloaded.
      [Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for SK-H Data Acquisition] dialog will appear.
      Follow the instruction to install.

      (2)Installation is completed if [InstallShield Wizard Completed] dialog is displayed.

      • *Complete installation before connecting SK-H050 to a PC.
How to use:
  • 1.Connect the main unit to a PC.
    Power up SK-H050 to connect with a PC via a USB cable.
    Connection will be completed if a message [Connecting] is displayed.

    2.Activating the software.
    • Select [Start] button of Windows --> [Program] --> [KEYENCE Applications] --> [SK-H Data Acquisition].
    Or double-click [SK-H Data Acquisition] icon.
    SK-H Data Acquisition will be activated, and a window will be displayed.

    3.Select COM Port number.

      (1)Open the device manager to check a COM port number.

      • *How to check device manager

        (1)For Windows7

          Click [Start] to right-click [Computer], and select [Properties].
          [System] window will be displayed, and select [Device Manager].

        (2)For WindowsXP

          Click [Start] to right-click [My computer], and select [Properties].
          [System Properties] window will be displayed, and select [Hardware] tab.
          Select [Device Manager].

      • Check the COM number of [Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge] listed in Ports (COM & LPT).
        (In the example in the picture above, the COM number is COM9.)

      • (2)Select the COM number checked in the pull-down.

    4.Saving data
    Click [Save], and data saving will start.
    After [Loading] window is displayed, [Save as] dialog will be opened.
    Save the data under a new file name to click [Save].
    Data will be saved as a CSV file.

    Clicking [Clear] will erase the data saved in the main unit.

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