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VJ Series Release Notes

Version No:

VJ Software Suite Ver. 1.0.0001
Firmware Ver. 1.0.0001
Driver for Halcon Ver. 1.0.0001

Corrected Problems:
  • The problem where the model image setting does not correctly return to the state before change when the Search Settings screen Cancel button is pressed in the state where the model image has been changed.
  • The problem where Line Number can only be set up to 511 in Focus/Brightness Adjustment when the Number of Lines Per Image can be set to be more than 512.
  • The problem where the rollback of the model image may not be correctly done even when the Search Settings of LumiTrax is cancelled.
  • The problem where the model image set in the Search Settings and the model image displayed in the Pattern Region Settings of LumiTrax may differ.
  • The problem where the highlights may disappear from the Picked display when performing color extraction in MultiSpectrum Color Extraction during image buffer capture.
  • The problem where the VJ Editor may terminate when the parameter set is switched or when a user set is loaded.
  • The problem where, depending on the setting change method, the Continuous Execution button turns to OFF state and the capture stops when Trigger Mode is set to On and [Terminal Trigger Input Reception] and [Continuous Execution] are turned ON for continuous execution.
  • The problem where the VJ Editor may terminate when the Imaging Mode is changed repeatedly.
  • The problem where the VJ Editor may forcibly terminate when performing screen operations during Continuous Execution in the state where Analysis Tools (Histogram) is open in MultiSpectrum Mode.
  • The problem where the VJ Editor may forcibly terminate when the Imaging Mode is changed in the state where the measurement of a specified range is set in the Analysis Tools (Profile).
  • The problem where the loading of the feature list of a line camera may fail in the state where PendingAck is disabled and the GVCP timeout time is short.
  • The problem where the simulator name is displayed as garbled characters on the title bar when a simulator which has Japanese entered in its name is launched.
  • The problem where loading a feature list that was saved results in an error when the feature list was saved with the line scan interval changed to a value that is smaller than the exposure time.
  • The problem where the communication between the VJ Editor and the Image Processing Unit may be cut when a user set in which the maximum number of parameter sets is set is loaded.
  • The problem where the Picked display is not highlighted when performing a color extraction operation after doing Execute Once and Continuous Execution in the Color Extraction of MultiSpectrum.
  • The problem where the change is not reflected onto the After Lighting Color Change display even when the number of lighting colors is changed in Recommended Selection.
  • The problem where trigger input may fail immediately after switching the parameter set for several cameras.

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