Ultra-compact package-type PLC

KV series

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Smallest PLCs in the World

Easily Expandable with Easy-to-use Ladder Builder Software

Smallest PLCs in the world

The KV-10 (with 10 I/Os) is about the same size as three general-purpose relays. The KV-80 (with 80 I/Os) is as small as a VHS videotape. KV series PLCs require little space on a control panel.

Several expansion options available to increase the number of I/Os.

With the KV series up to 4 expansion units can be added. Using these PLCs, it's easy to expand the number of I/Os. To achieve the input/output ratio that suits your needs, KV-16E or KV-8E expansion units can be added in any combination of 3 to the KV-80 or KV-40. Any combination of 4 expansions units can be added to the other models.

Analog I/O units with 12-bit resolution

The KV-DA4 (D/A converter) and KV-AD4 (A/D converter) expansion units with 4 channel I/O are also available.

Support software for Windows®

New Ladder Builder support software enables you to debug your program on a PC screen without connecting to a PLC or other device.

Interrupts and counters

The interrupt input instruction receives pulse signals as short as 25µs regardless of the program cycle time, thus allowing real time processing.
The KV series also provides two 10 kHz counters that are suitable for counting pulses with a high frequency.

The KV series has many powerful functions

Useful during startup, the analog timer trimmer enables you to adjust the values for timers and counters, in real time, based on actual operating conditions, with a range from 0 to 249. There are 2 analog timers in the KV-80, KV-40, and KV-24, and 1 in the KV-16 and KV-10.

20 kHz clock pulse output (KV-80)

The 20 kHz clock pulse output enables positioning at varying speeds. The KV series is useful as a pulse generator for stepping motors. (The KV-10/16/24/40 has a maximum clock frequency of 2 kHz.)

Other useful features

• Built-in 1 ms timer
• Memory capacity of up to 3000 steps (500 steps: KV-10/16)
• Serial communication function
• Relay replacement possible. (KV-80R, KV-16EYR)
• Programs are stored in EEPROM, eliminating the need for backup battery.

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