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          Programmable Logic Controller

          KV Nano series

          Logging/trace functions


          As the recent need for traceability increases, more and more instruments have been designed to collect device data in the PLC. Logging had been costly in the past, such as the
          necessity of special equipment; however, the KV Nano provides a high cost performance solution.

          Advantages of KV Nano

          1. Data can be logged with the CPU's built-in SD card, which eliminates the need for additional equipment.

          2. Other than the SD card, various methods can be selected according to the device and situation, such as uploading to a PC or collecting with Excel.

          Logging/trace functions

          Logging/trace function item

          FTP client/server function

          Data collected with the CPU built-in logging function or the device values stored in an SD card can be uploaded to a PC in CSV format. Moreover, the files in a PC can be read into the PLC.

          Setting complete in just two steps

          You can start logging by just setting the logging device and trigger timing with the special wizard and writing ladder programmes to start and stop logging.

          Two “KV COM+” applications

          This software allows you to connect your PC and PLC to exchange data without programming. Two programmes are available: “KV COM+ for Excel,” which is an add-in for Excel for reading/writing PLC device values; and “KV COM+ Library,” which can be built into your applications.

          Three basic functions*
          * Functions of the KV COM+ for Excel

          Data logging

          Data logging

          PLC monitor

          PLC monitor

          Data folder

          Data folder

          Data collection/transfer & monitoring software

          Data collection/transfer & monitoring functions integrated software KV COM+ for Excel

          KV-DH1E (English)
          KV-DH1E-5 (English·5 licences)
          KV-DH1 (Japanese)
          KV-DH1-5 (Japanese·5 licences)

          Data collection/transfer & monitoring functions integrated software KV COM+ Library

          KV-DH1LE (English)
          KV-DH1LE-5 (English·5 licences)
          KV-DH1L (Japanese)
          KV-DH1L-5 (Japanese·5 licences)

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