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Programmable Logic Controller

KV Nano series

Sensor networking


When product type or condition is changed, there are many operations required such as reading the data of sensors/measuring instruments into the PLC or writing setting values into the PLC. In the past, such operations were implemented by creating a serial communication programme; however, using the KV Nano together with KEYENCE sensors can reduce a lot of man-hours.

Advantages of KV Nano

1. A single LAN cable allows connection with various KEYENCE products from general sensors to a vision system.

2. The backup restore function makes not only the setting but also the model/condition changes easy through HMI or other methods.

Sensor networking

Applicable products

Connection complete without programming

No programme is required for the connection with sensors. The setting is easy by just selecting and placing a desired sensor with the special setup software. Since the measured data is stored in the special memory of the CPU, it can be displayed quickly on an HMI or other output. When the VT3 Series is used, it is also easy to check the connection condition and change the setting values.

Wire-saving connection with a single LAN cable

The PLC and a sensor can be connected quickly with a commercial LAN cable. Unlike previous models, a lot of man-hours for wiring can be reduced. Using a single network system allows centralised control of connected devices.

Batch transfer of sensor settings for quick changeover!

During product changeover, sensor settings and conditions can be changed collectively, resulting in the reduction of man-hours.
* Excluding the XG/CV/CV-X Series

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