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Programmable Logic Controller

KV Nano series

Modbus Master/ Slave Function

[Communication ready model]

[Communication ready model]

Easy connection of temperature controllers or inverters

Up to 32 units connectable * Including the master unit

Modbus RTU mode is supported. As a master, the unit can be connected with a temperature controller or inverter. As a slave, it can be connected with HMI with master unit capability.

Trace monitor makes
invisible communication visible

Trace monitor dedicated to Modbus communication is featured. It displays transmission commands during operation check, facilitating identification of problematic points. The contents of communication, which have been invisible in the past, can now be understood clearly.

Sample program available

Sample programs of Modbus communication are available in our support site. You can download a program as a form of a KV STUDIO project file, saving time and labor for input.

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