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Programmable Logic Controller

KV Nano series

High Reliability

Enhanced password function/Battery-less/Extension cassette communication port isolated/Output terminal with overcurrent protection

As the requests for equipment become higher level, PLCs must be tough and reliable to achieve such requests. The KV Nano Series has been designed based on the voices from the field to back up the use in various equipment environments.

Overcurrent protection in all models
(transistor output type)

In order to prevent output damages due to wrong wiring, the overcurrent protection function has been added to the output terminals (transistor type) of the base unit.

Extension cassette communication port isolated

The communication ports of the KV-N10L and KV-N11L Extension Serial Cassettes are isolated to prevent connection problems with external equipment.


Backup specifications

The battery-less design was adopted so that data such as ladder programs, device comments, and setting information is stored in flash ROM, and data such as CPU positioning parameters, device values, and the error log is stored in nonvolatile RAM. This prevents your data from being lost unexpectedly.

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