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Programmable Logic Controller

KV Nano series

Enhanced Password/ Security Function

Up to 32 single-byte alphanumeric characters

In order to protect your valuable program resources from the copy market in recent years, the password function has been enhanced. With the previous function, passwords might be broken by cracking software. As a countermeasure, the new function is designed to double the time before the next input is accepted every time a wrong password is entered. The more wrong passwords are entered, the longer the time extends. This prevents easy password cracking.

Conceptual Drawing of Required Time

Conceptual Drawing of Required Time

Password setting by modules or macros

You can set a password only to specific modules or macros and allow editing or browsing of others. This not only prevents leakage of valuable resources, but also decreases the support after delivery.

Read protection also available

You can set read protection to prevent reading data from the KV Nano Series main unit. This reliably protects valuable resources full of ideas and knowledge.

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