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Programmable Logic Controller

KV Nano series

Reuse of Program Resources

For Reusing Resources

Structured programming

A program can be divided into 100 parts (modules) at maximum based on processes or movements. These modules are stored as resources, and can be copied and used as they are to create other programs.

Every-scan execution type module/Initialise module/Standby module

[1] Every-scan execution type module

Executed at every scan.

[2] Initialise module

Executed only during the first scan when a program execution starts.

[3] Standby module

Executed only when necessary.

Macro function

You can set a password to prevent the contents of the created macros from being seen by others.

A desired ladder circuit block can be made to be a macro. The created macro is added to a list and can be handled in the same way as instructions.

PLC verification/Synchronization

PLC verification/Synchronization

After verification, only different sections are shown in red. This can significantly save time for checking differences.

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