Handheld Mobile Computer

BT-W100 series

  • Bluetooth

1. High Visibility 3.5" LCD Touch Display

The larger 3.5" LCD screen allows operators to view more information which leads to less input errors and easier interface navigation.

2. Natural Single-handed Design

By positioning index finger support just above the center of gravity, the BT-W Series weight naturally directs itself into your hand to improve posture and reduce the risk of dropping.

3. High shock and impact resistance

With a Chassis-floating structure and a display that's five times stronger than standard glass, the BT-W100 Series can save you thousands of dollars over its lifetime in repair costs.

4. Application Design Tool

Anyone can develop BT-W device applications just by dragging and dropping. Accompanied by a simple user interface, development turns from back-end coding to an intuitive experience.

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