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Handheld Computer

BT-W70 series

The BT-W70 Series Handheld Computer is an ultra-lightweight model with a slim design. It is best suited for long-term continuous use. It weighs only 130g, achieving a weight reduction of 30% when compared with conventional products. The compact body with an overall length of just 156 mm (6.14") can be handled easily. This compactness and lightweight allow a significant reduction of loads over long periods of work. Of course, it has all the functionality required by professionals. The proprietary power-saving system has achieved continuous use for 26 hours with stable CPU operation. This allows even worksites to use a two-shift system to save time and labor for charging or replacing battery packs. The robust design even withstands drops from heights of 1.5 m (5.0') as well as continuous impacts.

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BT-W70 series - Handheld Computer

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Instant Reading at Any Range 1 inch to 30 feet away

Handheld Computer
BT-A700 series

  • Incredibly wide reading range at high speed
  • Excellent one-handed operability
  • Durability to handle tough conditions

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BT-A700 series - Handheld Computer
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