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BT-W70 series

BT Management Tool

Built-In Operation Management Software

[New proposal] Remote access - Data collection via communication established

You can access handy terminals on remote operation sites or collect their information remotely from the central management computer without actually going there.

Remote access reduces man-hours and costs to visit each remote site

Remote control & file send / receive function

You can access a terminal on a remote site simply through a one-touch operation! It is also possible to remotely operate the terminal or send/receive files to/from it.

[Use scenarios]
Response to contacts:Checking how contacts have been responded
Failure check:Checking failed terminals and recovery operation on remote sites
Operation instruction:Instructing operation by operating terminal application on a remote site from a computer at the head office

Remote monitoring

Terminal monitor function

Terminal control information can be collected from each remote site to monitor operating conditions centrally. Their actual conditions can clearly be checked at the head office.

[Use scenarios]
Terminal control:Checking operating conditions of terminals at each remote site, managing locations of rented terminals, and understanding unused terminals
Terminal condition check:Checking battery degradation, memory usage, and firmware version
Identification of operator location information:Information of the access point currently being connected
Checking of logs on failures:Information of operations immediately before failures have occurred

Remote management and upgrading

Collective version management and update function

Firmware and application versions and updates can be checked at a glance.

Not only upgrading but also versions of firmwares, applications, and terminal settings can be centrally controlled. These information can be controlled easily even after handy terminals are deployed on each remote site, which reduces maintenance man-hours drastically.

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