3-Axis Fiber Laser Marker

MD-F3000 series

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This product has been discontinued.

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From Laser Marking To Laser Engraving

The MD-F Series provides for high-power 30W marking that is 3.7 times higher than KEYENCE's conventional models, making it possible to perform high-speed marking on metal targets. Processing times and productivity are drastically improved.

From Laser Marking To Laser Engraving

Remarkable improvements in marking time

Deep engraving

This 30W fiber laser marker allows for deep engraving that is typically only possible with a marking press or engraving device. The MD-F Series expands marking possibilities as a "laser engraving machine".

Deep engraving

Annealing (black marking)

The MD-F Series allows for high-speed marking on products which require minimal surface damage such as bearings and industrial tools. Significant improvements in productivity can be expected since the MD-F Series can normally process targets at least twice as fast as conventional KEYENCE laser markers due to its 3.7 times higher output power. In addition, the accurate and simple defocus function based on the 3-Axis controls allows for flexible, clear marking at high speed.



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