Environment Resistant, Air-cooled High Power YAG Laser Marker

MD-H9800 series

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Completely Air-cooled YAG Laser System

No Water-cooling System or Consumable Supplies Required

Air-cooled System

Air-cooled System

Maintenance Free

Since it is Completely Waterless

The completely air-cooled system eliminates the need for watercooling equipment that has been essential for conventional YAG laser markers. Since no water is used to cool the laser oscillator, there is no need to periodically replace the ionexchange resin, filter, or pure water. This system has reduced the running costs and man-hours for maintenance services. In addition, installation space for the equipment has been reduced. As a result, the production efficiency per unit area in the field can be improved.

Air-cooling Principle

Air-cooling Principle

[Marking Unit]

The heat generated from the laser oscillator is conducted through the bulkhead to the cooling chamber. While the housing absorbs the heat, cool air is forced across the conductors, dissipating the generated heat. The MD-H has been designed for maximum efficiency.

[Controller Unit]

KEYENCE has developed a high capacity air-cooled system that enables efficient temperature control. The power fluctuations caused by temperature variations in the LD have been minimized, resulting in stable, high power output. Temperature control is now possible with an air cooled system.


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