Environment Resistant, Air-cooled High Power YAG Laser Marker

MD-H9800 series

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This product has been discontinued.

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Laser Marking Performance with Outstanding Visibility

High-quality Marking Equivalent to 30W Water Cooled System

Deepest Focal Depth* of any Air-cooled YAG Marker

Focal Depth of the MD-H Series

Best in the Industry

By optimizing long established optical marking technologies, KEYENCE has succeeded in creating a YAG laser marker with a large focal depth. Even when the target distance varies, clear marks can be produced. The MD-H has the best focal depth in the industry for an air cooled YAG laser marker.

World's Highest Output Among Air-cooled YAG Markers

Conventional Water-cooled 30W Marker

Equivalent to a 30W Water-cooled System

Conventionally, water cooling systems have been essential for high power lasers. In order to achieve high power with air cooling, the MD-H has adopted a high power LD (laser diode) with a high efficiency optical transmission system. The laser pulse energy has been enhanced by approximately 5 times that of conventional air cooled YVO4 systems. (Conventional models: 0.2 mJ ➝ MD-H Series: 1.3 mJ) Solid and thick imprints on metal work pieces as well as high speed coloration on resin parts are possible.

First Pulse Suppression

Sharp Marking

The beginning of character marking has conventionally been engraved deeply by the excessive energy accumulated in the YAG crystal (the first pulse phenomenon). KEYENCE's proprietary Qswitch modulation technology has succeeded in minimizing this phenomenon. Higher quality marking results have been achieved with no inconsistency in the beginning portion.

2 Models Available

Standard and Wide-area

The MD-H Series lineup includes two variations made for different marking areas. In addition to the standard type with a marking area of 3.54" x 3.54" (90 x 90 mm), the wide area model with a marking area of 6.10" x 6.10" (155 x 155 mm) is also available. The wide-area model supports applications with large-size work pieces or simultaneous marking on multiple targets.


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