Environment Resistant, Air-cooled High Power YAG Laser Marker

MD-H9800 series

[Discontinued product]

This product has been discontinued.

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Laser Marking with Easy Setup and Installation

Vertical Marking Head and Laser Guide Enables Quick and Accurate Setup

A Laser Guide can Simplify Work Piece Positioning

Vertical Marking Head for Easy Installation

Guide Laser

The guide laser scans a red laser beam at high speed to confirm the characters and area of marking on the actual workpiece. This function simplifies and ensures fail-free positioning even on small workpieces or targets with a complicated profile. In addition, the marking area and ruled-line guide laser will help confirm the maximum marking area or compensate for the angle.

Working Distance Pointer

The optimal working distance can be determined quickly and accurately by visually checking the intersection of two laser beams on the target workpiece. There is no need for measuring the distance to the target at each tooling changeover.

Sample Marking

Sample Marking

The sample marking function allows the user to easily set the optimal marking conditions that have been difficult with conventional models. The sample marking function performs automated marking while varying the three marking conditions; laser power, marking speed, and Q-switch frequency. Conditions can be selected instantly not only for marking characters but also for graphics.


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