Environment Resistant, Air-cooled High Power YAG Laser Marker

MD-H9800 series

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Double Dust-proof Structure

Double Dust-proof Design and Newly Developed Cooling Mechanism.

Blocks Dust and Oil Mist

Environmental Resistance Performance

Highly durable structure based on completely innovative ideas blocks dust and oil mist. Tough construction for continuously ensuring reliable marking performance under harsh environments.

Double Dust-proof Structure

The entire housing of the marking head is completely sealed (1st dust-proof structure); in addition, the laser light path inside the marker unit is completely isolated (2nd dust-proof structure). The double dust-proof structure with the 1st and 2nd dust-proof walls completely blocks dust and oil mist, maintaining stable marking performance.

Highly Durable Structure Based on Completely Innovative Ideas.

The 1st Dust-proof Structure

The 1st Dust-proof Structure: Sealing of Body Seams

Sealing of Body Seams

The entire surface of the marking unit is completely sealed by employing special sealing on the joint area. The inside of the marker is protected by completely blocking the unit from the external air.

The 2nd Dust-proof Structure

The 2nd Dust-proof Structure: Isolation of the Laser Light Path

Isolation of the Laser Light Path

The entire path of the laser beam from the laser oscillator in the marker unit to the scanner area is housed in a metal block to achieve complete isolation. Extreme cleanliness is maintained by employing the completely seamless all-in-one structure without exposing the laser oscillator, scanner, lens and other important optical components to impure substances.

Complete Isolation of the Cooling Area

Cooling Area

The new cooling structure is completely isolated from the laser oscillator. External air which enters the cooling chamber can not contaminate the laser oscillator or the scanning area with dust, dirt or oil mist. The innovative idea of completely separating these chambers provides the perfect air cooling system, unmatched by conventional YAG systems.

Fiber Cable Protected by Hard SUS Pipe

Protected by Hard SUS Pipe

A fiber cable conducts the laser beam from the controller to the marking head. A hard SUS shield protects this fiberoptic cable. Accidental damage to this cable during installation and operation can be prevented.


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