Universal Inkjet Printer

MK-U series

Easy Operation

Devices with high functionality are difficult to use, and the functionality of simple devices is not sufficient. KEYENCE has designed an intuitive interface that makes all of the system’s functionality accessible to the most novice users.

Line adjustment

Entering accurate line conditions was one of the most troublesome operations for inkjet printers in the past. Now, our device provides a visual aid of the line so that measurements are easily understood and recorded accurately.

Path check

The monitor can be used to check not only the open/closed status of the solenoid valves, but also the optimum ink viscosity for the current temperature. Because sensors are used to check information in real time errors can be detected immediately, which greatly contributes to proactive maintenance.

Operator lock

Passwords can be used to lock the functions that are not used on a daily basis. This prevents incorrect operations and contributes to reductions in time spent managing the device. This feature is essential in eliminating human error.

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