Telecentric Green Laser Marker

MD-T series

Telecentric Laser Marker Applications: Trimming & Cutting

Advanced technology that achieves the ideal

[ Trimming ]

Trimming is a process that removes resistor material, circuit patterns, or vapor-deposited film with a laser to bring electronic components closer to their desired capabilities. This is a process that is essential for high quality electronics products.

The microscopic, high quality beam is capable of processing parts with ideal accuracy and control. Combining a telecentric lens with specialized software allows for ‚Äúprocessing optimization‚ÄĚ that is critical to trimming applications.

Resistor trimming

Optimal processing shape

Vapor-deposited film processing

Uniform beam spot diameter

[ Cutting ]

Because laser marking is a non-contact method of marking, damage can be eliminated along with the short-term maintenance required with physical cutting instruments. Compared to conventional laser processing equipment, the MD-T is compact and easy to integrate.

With conventional laser markers, there are problems with the processing accuracy at the edge of an area and surface defects from heat absorption. With a SHG laser focused to a precise spot and an unrivaled telecentric lens system, the MD-T can achieve cutting accuracy in the entire fi eld of view that cannot be matched by conventional laser systems.



PC Boards

PC Boards

Copper foil

Copper foil

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