High Speed, High power CO2 Laser Marker

ML-G series

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This product has been discontinued.

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Automotive Industry

Unbeatable Laser Marking Performance for all Applications.

Advantages of the ML-G Series

Nameplate Marking

A Variety of Design Marking

The ML-G Series can accept CAD data and image data directly for marking. With the simplified CAD function, you can draw a figure or correct preset data. This enhances the capacity of marking expressions.

Various Fonts

User-defined fonts can be used. This function is suitable for nameplate design.

Large Memory Capacity

The ML-G Series provides a large memory capacity that enables registration of up to 2,000 settings. It can be applied to production lines in the future that may have increased production items.

Existing Settings can be Reviewed Using the Preview Image Function.

Nameplate Marking

Environment-proof, Non-erasable Marking

The ML-G Series is used for preparing automobile nameplates. It provides various marking expressions such as the company logo mark, model, standard, product name and manufacturing country. Highly environment-proof, non-erasable marking is enabled.

Laser Marking Samples

Resin Case

Resin case

Wire Harness

Automobile harness

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel



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