High Speed, High power CO2 Laser Marker

ML-G series

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This product has been discontinued.

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Food, Chemical and Cosmetic Industry

Unbeatable Laser Marking Performance for all Applications.

Advantages of the ML-G Series

Expiration date on drug cartons

Accurate Automatic Character Recognition

The ML-G Series can suppress minute fluctuations in laser power intensity, ensuring output stability within ±5%. As a result, it enables stable marking without missing or blurred characters, ensuring more accurate character recognition.

Tracking High-speed Lines

To ensure a higher level of image recognition, the marking on drug cartons is generally expressed in boldface type. The world's fastest scanner motor exhibits its power in high-speed marking of boldface types.

Expiration date on drug cartons

Thermal Processing

The ML-G Series expresses characters by burning off the print of drug cartons through thermal processing so that the white base of the carton will be exposed. To ensure easy recognition of the image, the characters are expressed in boldface type. As the contrast increases between the characters and background, accurate marking recognition is enabled.

Laser Marking Samples

Glass Bottle

Glass bottle



Ice Cream

Ice cream

Pet Bottle

Pet bottle

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