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          High Speed, High power CO2 Laser Marker

          ML-G series

          [Discontinued product]

          This product has been discontinued.

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          High Speed Laser Marking

          WaveGuide Technology and the Fastest Scanner Motor for Reduced Tact Time

          World's Highest Speed: 600 Characters/second

          High speed laser marking, 600 characters/second

          Enables High-speed Marking that cannot be Achieved with Conventional Markers.

          The world's fastest marking scanner motor has been developedwith a high scan speed of 472.4"/sec. (12,000 mm/sec.), The ML-G Series can reduce the marking tact time (twice as fast as conventional products) allowing stable marking on fast-moving products .

          World's Fastest Scanner Motor

          Reduce tact in half

          The Marking Tact Time is Reduced by 50%

          To obtain the best performance of the WaveGuide technology, the world's fastest marking scanner motor has been developed. When tuned to optimum conditions, the scanner motor provides the fastest marking speed of 600 characters/second, resulting in a significant reduction in marking tact time.

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