High Speed, High power CO2 Laser Marker

ML-G series

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This product has been discontinued.

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Laser Marking with Easy Setup and Installation

Vertical Marking Head and Laser Guide Enables Quick and Accurate Setup

A Laser Guide can Simplify Work Piece Positioning

Vertical marking head for easy installation

Continuous Laser Guide

A high-speed scanning red laser confirms the position of marking characters on a work piece before marking.

Work Piece Image Laser Guide

You can confirm the work piece outline shape with the red laser. Using this laser guide enables accurate setup without positioning errors.

Work Area Laser Guide

A high-speed red laser displays the work area on the target. Using this laser guide simplifies work piece angle/position adjustment.

Focal point cross-pointer

You can quickly determine the optimum work piece distance by checking the intersection of two laser paths. Using this laser guide enables quick and accurate setup for work piece changeover.

Optimum Marking Conditions can be Quickly Defined

Sample marking function

Sample Marking Function

With conventional markers, it is very difficult for users to determine the optimum marking conditions for different shapes and materials . The sample marking function automatically marks 70 patterns, which are obtained under different combinations of laser power and marking speeds.

You can select the optimum marking conditions quickly by checking the marked characters. With this function, you can determine the highest-precision marking condition easily and accurately.

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