Wide-Area 3D Measurement System

VR series

This product has been discontinued.

Recommended Replaceable Products: 3D Optical Profilometer - VR-6000 series

Wide-Area 3D Measurement System VR series

VR series - Wide-Area 3D Measurement System

VR Series Wide-Area 3D Measurement Systems are capable of non-contact, high-resolution 3D measurement. The VR Series captures full surface data, instead of point or line data typically captured by CMMs or profilometers, allowing small features to be measured with the highest level of confidence. The automatic place-and-measure capability allows any user to capture accurate data across the entire surface of their part, with no fixturing or adjustments required. The VR Series excels at measuring precise 3D features, profiles, flatness, and roughness.


  • Non-contact, wide-area measurement
  • High-speed data acquisition and analysis
  • Automatic operation with place-and-measure capability


Latest Technology

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VR-6000 series - 3D Optical Profilometer

  • High-precision 3D measurement of an entire surface in as little as 1 second
  • Rotational scanning on a wide variety of materials
  • Measure nearly any callout with a single device

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