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          Image Dimension Measurement System

          IM-6000 series

          Eliminating Operator Error

          Latest Image Processing Technology Eliminates Operator Error

          Sub-pixel processing for measurement down to one hundredth or less of one pixel

          The target is measured by one hundredth or less of a pixel of the light receiving element.

          Sub-pixel processing allows one pixel on the light receiving element to essentially be processed as 100 or more pixels. This allows for highresolution measurement even with a wider field of view.

          A line or circle is recognized using 100 or more points*

          The shape is recognized by the least square method using the detected points.

          The shape of a line or circle used for measurement is recognized by the least square fit algorithm using approximately 100 points detected automatically. Using many points ensures stable measurement.
          * The exact number of points is user adjustable for optimal detection.

          Eliminating discrepancies in results caused by burrs and chips

          Abnormal points (red points) are ignored during shape recognition.

          During the extraction of a line or circle, the system eliminates the influence of burrs or chips by ignoring points at abnormal locations in comparison with other points. It is also possible to set the system to interrupt measurement when burrs or chips are found.

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