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          Image Dimension Measurement System

          IM-6000 series

          Easy Operation for Everyone

          Just click the points to be measured with the mouse *IM-6120/IM-6140 only

          Roughly specify the measurement points with the mouse.

          To set up feature inspections, just select the desired tool from the menu and roughly specify the measurement points on the screen with the mouse. Since the entire image of a target is displayed, you can set details intuitively through simple mouse operations.

          Automatic focus adjustment of targets with height differences *IM-6120/IM-6140 only

          The focus is automatically adjusted for measurement

          The focus is also adjusted automatically according to the shape of the target. The system is even capable of focusing on different surfaces on the same part for the same measurement, allowing greater flexibility.

          Easy measurement using center lines or virtual points

          Various options including a midline and intersection. Various options from basic measurement to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing

          Various options are available for facilitating the measurement using center lines or virtual points for which complicated setup was required. Moreover, a special menu is available for measuring small rounded corners, curved surfaces, and GD&T tools such as position or concentricity.

          Automatic element extraction function

          Any lines, circles, or arcs are extracted automatically.

          Just specify the points along the perimeter of the target, and the elements required for measurement such as lines, circles, or arcs are automatically extracted. All you have to do now is select an option for measurement and click the extracted element.

          Thread tool

          Simple measurement also for outer, effective, and root diameters

          A special menu is also available for thread measurement. Dimensions required for threading such as outer and effective diameters can be measured easily just by choosing where to measure with the mouse.

          Profile comparison function & perimeter measurement

          Perimeter measurement (sealing material) / Profile tolerance measurement (molding)

          The profile tolerance (difference from the reference dimension) or perimeter of a target can be measured. The reference dimension for the profile tolerance measurement can be created from CAD data*.
          * Optional software required.

          Consolidate measurement settings

          Binding multiple measurement settings / Viewable as one result

          Separate measurement settings can be bound to one data set. It is also possible to output one collective result after successive measurements.

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