Image Dimension Measuring System

IM-6000 series

  • High-precision Model

High-precision Model

Just place and press even for micro machined parts High-precision type image dimension measurement system

New stage design for reducing measurement time

Even when the target is a small part, just place it on the stage. The stage moves automatically to adjust the position and focus before measurement. The innovative stage designed for reducing measurement time greatly improves work efficiency by eliminating conventional procedures such as positioning a target and adjusting the focus for each measurement.

Just place a part on the stage.

Simultaneous Measurement Fast and Easy Measurement by Imaging the Entire Target

The IM Series captures the entire image of a target and performs measurement simultaneously. It can measure hundreds of points in just a few seconds, achieving significant time reductions. The setup is simple by just specifying points to be measured while checking the entire image of a target. This ensures easy use for everyone.

Example of measurement

Example of measurement

  • High-precision Model

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