High-Speed, High-Accuracy CCD Laser Displacement Sensor

LK-G3000 series

  • Multifunctional Controller

Multifunctional Controller

Built-in Display and Data Storage

All-in-one controller/Separate Controllers are Available

Various functions with advanced specifications and unparalleled detection performance are concentrated into a compact controller.

All-in-one controller/Separate Controllers are Available

Compact All-in-one Controller Supports 2-head Connection

Supports 2-head connection

Two channels are available for sensor head connection, display and judgment. In addition, seven measurement modes and statistic functions are featured to support a wide range of measurement requirements

Separate Installation of the Display and Operation Panel

PC media drive tracking

The display (LK-GD500) and operation unit can be mounted on the outside of a control panel and the separate controller (LK-G3001) can be mounted inside the control panel using a DIN-rail. The separate controller (LKG3001) can be operated without a display*. A system with multiple channels can now be constructed at low cost.
(Patent pending) * LK-GD500 or LK-Navigator software is required for setup.

Data Storage Function

Data storage function

65,000-point memory is integrated internally in order to reliably complement the data of 50 kHz ultra-high-speed sampling. Sometimes it is necessary to enhance the tact time in obtaining data from a target traveling at high speed or to mount the unit to a device. In this case, high-speed processing of all data items is enabled by temporarily storing the data to the internal memory and retrieving in the data during the period before the next measurement.

Multiple I/O Requires No Optional Parts

Multiple I/O requires no optional parts

Five types of I/O including USB are available as standard. A wide range of needs are supported, from data gathering with a PC using USB to high-speed digital control with a PLC using binary outputs. High-speed output can be performed at 50 kHz. (Excluding the RS-232C)

  • Multifunctional Controller

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