High-Accuracy 2D Laser Displacement Sensor

LJ-G5000 series

Multifunctional Controller Satisfies any Need

The Multifunctional Controller Provides Ultra-high-speed Processing, Multiple I/O and a High-capacity Internal Memory.

controller image


Simple setting and analysis with a PC

Setting support software: LJ-Navigator (LJ-H1W)

With the optional software, settings can be easily configured and data can be saved and analyzed with a PC.

Sampling speed of 3.8 ms Quatro link system [Fastest in its class]

Four arithmetic chips for computation processing are arranged in parallel in the controller.
The Quatro link system simultaneously conducts four processes to achieve a sampling speed of 3.8 ms.
This allows faster measurements on production lines.

Quatro link system

Large capacity memory for saving data [Largest in its class]

A large capacity memory is equipped in the controller.
A memory card slot is included to store the production records of
mass-produced products.

Handling many product types

The memory in the controller stores up to 16 programs.
When the setting call function from the memory card is used, up to 160 programs can be stored to handle various product types.

Handling many product types

Profile saving

Profile saving

For analyzing NG records or production history.

Data storage

Data storage

For controlling daily production records or for traceability.

Tips of Measurement

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