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High Speed Gigabit Ethernet Data Output

Supports advanced application development

[Publicly open communications library]
Continuous profile data output at a top speed of 64 kHz

Gigabit Ethernet

Profile data

The LJ-V7000 Series has now been equipped with a TOE (TCP/IP off-load engine) specifically for processing high-speed communication. This achieves high throughput that does not affect CPU load. With this it is possible to maintain a 64,000 Hz output frequency. In addition to advanced on-board processing capabilities, the LJ-V7000 also provides full support for external processing of acquired profile data. In addition to published interface libraries, sample interface code is available in several programming languages.

Differences with a 3D measurement camera

3D measurement camera

3D measurement camera

LJ-V7000 Series

LJ-V7000 Series

3D camera/LJ-V

[1] Easy installation

When using a 3D camera, the laser light source and receiver (camera) are independent of each other, greatly complicating on-site installation and adjustment. With the LJ-V, the laser light source and receiver are contained in a single body, making transmitter to receiver mounting adjustment unnecessary. This also ensures that the transmitter and receiver maintain this alignment
regardless of machine use.

[2] No linearization required

When using a 3D camera, the height of individual pixels and pixel pitch vary due to the relative positions of the laser light source and the receiver, requiring onsite linearization following installation. With the LJ-V Series, the output data in pre-linearized by the controller without the need for additional post-processing.

[3] Out of the box traceability

As LJ-V Series is not a machine vision camera, but a traceable measurement device, traceability and calibration documentation is available out of the box. All systems are factory calibrated to international traceability standards and compliance documentation is readily available.

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