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Easy-to-use Software

Easy to use PC setup software simplifies setup procedures

Easy 3D display function

With the LJ-V7000 Series, it is possible to instantaneously check the results of a scanned target using a 3D view. This greatly simplifies stability evaluations.

Multi-screen function

It is possible to simultaneously monitor multiple screens, including measurement values, measurement profiles, height image displays (grayscale displays), and measurement value trend graphs. Screen size and location is fully adjustable allowing custom interface designs.

Simple setup

Profile storage function

The software provides an easy to use interface for accessing profile data and the data storage functions. In addition, the LJ Navigator 2 software is equipped with various analysis functions, which can be useful for the verification of defects and for research and development.

Terminal operation timing chart function

The LJ Navigator 2 software allows active monitoring of all I/O terminals. This greatly simplifies initial setup and troubleshooting.

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