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An emphasis on inline measurement

[X adjustment, Z adjustment , θ adjustment] Advanced position correction function

The LJ-V7000 can correct target misalignment errors, which are directly connected to errors in the measurement results. Even in production processes where the target presentation is not consistent, the LJ-V7000 Series system can provide onboard analysis without error.

[Multiple interface options] Three easy setup interfaces to choose from

The LJ-V7000 has an optional touch panel that allows on-site performance monitoring and program adjustment. In addition, the system supports setup via PC as well as setup using a connected monitor and control pendant.

[Production focused] Easy integration in a production environment

Built-in encoder support

The LJ-V7000 provides onboard support for high frequency encoder inputs allowing precise control over the position of profile samples.

High-flex cable

All LJ-V7000 systems use high-flex cabling rated for robot installation.

IP67 rated head and sensor cable

Both the laser sensor head and cable provide an IP67 enclosure rating. This allows the sensor head to be installed in most production environments without the need for costly additional enclosures.

Impact resistance test conforms to IEC 68-2-29

All sensor head models are tested to an IEC-68-2-29 shock resistance standards allowing worry free installation on robots and other moving components.

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