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Surface Scanning Laser Confocal Displacement Meter

LT-9000 series

  • Quick and Easy Setup Functions

Quick and Easy Setup Functions

Most Comprehensive Set of Standard Features on the Market.

Microscope function

High speed auto focus microscope function

Employing a High-speed Auto-focus Lens for Clear Images

An ultra-compact CCD camera is incorporated in the sensor head. The target image can be enlarged approximately 85 times* on the monitor screen. This special optical design provides sharp images, allowing easy positioning of microscopic targets.
(* When using special monitor CA-MN80)

Monitor for measured value and waveform display

Through the monitor get real time information

For Real-time Display of Measured Values and Waveforms

Observations of displacement and profile data can be performed with ease.

Simplified Setup Menu

Simplified setup menu. Easy operation through a remote console

Simple Operation Using Special Remote Console

The special remote console and user-friendly setup menu greatly simplify the setup process. Measurement can begin just minutes after unpacking the unit.

Multiple I/O Options Come Standard

Multiple I/O options for simple system integration

For Enhanced Operational Flexibility

All of the necessary interfaces including 2 channels of analog outputs, an RS-232C output, 2 channels of decision outputs, and binary outputs are incorporated as standard into the compact housing.(Only half the size of conventional models.)

  • Quick and Easy Setup Functions

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