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Easy setup and analysis via a computer.

Computer software makes setup easy

With the LS-9000 the setting support software LS-Navigator 2 is a standard feature

Easy setting and backup

Easy visual setting

Measurement details can be selected from a picture, so settings are simple, even for a novice. Setting details are stored on the computer as backup files.

Customize your display

Multifunction measurement display

Support software features 12 independent display tools that let you customize your display. View any and all the information you need on a single screen to maximize efficiency.

Automatically record data

High-capacity data storage

With a storage capacity of 400,000 points, it is easy to record output data without extra components. This data can then easily be exported to Excel.

New measurement functions that make previously unobtainable measurements easy

Terminal operation monitoring

Ability to monitor live terminal I/O status with manual test data output greatly simplifies setup and troubleshooting.

Multi-point calibration

Up to 8 points can be adjusted and scaled. Multiple targets of differing diameters can be measured more precisely.