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Micro-head Spectral-interference Laser Displacement Meter

SI-F series

SI-F Series Demonstration Movies

Solve all your application needs


This movie will give you an understanding of conditions in which a repeatability of 1 nm produces stabilized measurements. An explanation regarding the cutting-edge technology of the SI Series is provided.

Measuring thickness on both sides of the target

This movie introduces conditions in which hard disk media is measured with ultra-high accuracy. You can experience the secrets of thickness measurement, including its measurement principle.

Measuring film thickness

This movie will provide an understanding of conditions in which thickness is measured with excellent stability, even with film that has buckling. It will be clear that the number values will not change, even if an incline of ±1 degree is generated.

Thermal drift capabilities

The SI-F Series can easily be installed in areas that have very little space structure. Also, because it is a measuring device that does not experience thermal drift, it is vastly effective for measuring chassis thermal behavior.

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