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X-Y Measurement System

Fusion of a Microscopes and a Measuring Microscope

VH-M100 [NEW]


X-Y Measurement System

Moving the manual stage allows you to measure a target in sizes of up to 100 mm x 100 mm (3.94" x 3.94"). Even a target with a size larger than the field of view limit can be measured. You can perform both monitoring and measurement of a target with a single microscope.

Ensuring traceability to achieve reliable measurement

The X-Y measurement system ensures highly reliable measurements based on the traceability system to international standards.

Measurement software for further improved usability VHX-H1M1

Measurement software for further improved usability

1. Real-time screen display

The XYD measurement results are displayed on the monitor screen in real time.

2. Various measurement modes

Distance, radius, angle and other various measurement modes are included.

3. Wide image capturing

Once a wide image captured under low magnification is registered, the current measurement point is always indicated even after the field is changed under higher magnification. The measurement point can be easily checked for an entire image.

X-Y measurement system

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