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VHX-2000 series

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This product has been discontinued.

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From Any Angle

High-resolution observation from any angle

Free-angle observation system (XYZ motorized) VHX-S90F/S90BE
[Supports 0.1 to 5000×lenses]


Easy focus adjustment, X-Y stage movement, rotation and oblique axis motion. A custom mechanism allows the target to stay centered in the field-of-view, even when the lens unit is inclined or rotated.


Objects that cannot fit onto the Stage or that Require a Large Working Distance can still be Imaged Easily

Scene of observation/Stent (100×)

Portable, Hand-held Observation

While most microscopes are limited to viewing objects on a fixed stand, the VH Series is capable of performing hand-held imaging due to the compact design of the camera and lens. Users can view large samples simply by placing the lens directly against the target.

Hand-held observation/Observe whenever and wherever you wish

LED Transmitted Illumination [Standard equipped]

LED transmitted illumination is standard with the XY motorized stage for the free-angle system. With light that produces consistent brightness, vivid observation is possible from low to high magnification. In addition to transmitted illumination, it is also possible to use the LED lighting in conjunction with vertical illumination from the lens. The light can be adjusted for each type of illumination, making it possible to perform observation with an optimum balance of light intensity.

Transmitted Light Applications

Slice of brain tissue (200×, composite of 120 images)

Emulsion (1000×)

Mold hyphae (1000×)

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