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Motion Analysis Microscope

VW-6000 series

[Discontinued product]

This product has been discontinued.

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Setup Made Easy

No Need For Major Equipment Investment

Stand alone design with built-in light source and LCD monitor

Space-saving specs are perfect for any on-site application

The VW-6000 features built-in lighting and an LCD monitor - both items that are separate in conventional products. The system has been reduced to the bare essentials, eliminating the need to make large investments in equipment. With the VW-6000's space-saving specs, you'll be surprised at just how easy it is to achieve high-speed recording even in on-site applications and laboratories where space is limited.

This is all the equipment you need to record high-speed video

This is all the equipment you need to record high-speed video



Conventional configurations require a considerable amount of equipment.

Conventional configurations for high-speed recording require a considerable amount of equipment including a monitor, camera tripod, lighting tripods and a PC, in addition to a high-speed camera. They are not practical if you want to record anywhere at any time.

Macro Zoom Unit

Quick Adjustment Mechanism

One of the most difficult aspects of high-speed recording has been adjusting the lighting appropriately. We took a completely fresh look at this issue and designed a macro zoom unit with built-in lighting. Lighting coverage and angle can be adjusted freely to suit the target.

Macro Zoom Unit 6x optical zoom: VW-Z1

Macro Zoom Unit 6x optical zoom: VW-Z1

[1] Hyper Spot Lighting
Lighting zooms in sync with the field of view, ensuring optimum brightness.

[2] Focus Ring

[3] Quick Adjustment Mechanism
Lighting position can be adjusted according to obstacles around the target.

[4] Aperture Ring

[5] Zoom Ring

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