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Motion Analysis Microscope

VW-6000 series

[Discontinued product]

This product has been discontinued.

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Perfect For On-Site Magnified Observation

Portable Microscope

Microscopes features

Observe. Record. Measure. All-In-One Design.

The VW-6000 capabilities extend well beyond simply recording high-speed video footage. Its compact body contains all the functionality required to perform magnified observation of still images.

Observe. Record. Measure. All-In-One Design.

Perfect for on-site observation. CMOS camera with maximum resolution of 2.7 megapixels.

The CMOS camera with maximum resolution of 2.7 megapixels takes high definition images even in on-site observation applications.

Connector (20x)

Connector (20x)

Solder (50x)

Solder (50x)

Semiconductor Bumps (500x)

Semiconductor Bumps (500x)

Portable microscope

Portable microscope

Easier, more convenient magnified observation. Built-in LCD monitor, light source, and hard drive. Portable size makes it easy to use in any on-site location.

Full lens lineup

Full lens lineup

Compatible with KEYENCE microscope lenses

All lenses from the KEYENCE Microscopes VHX Series can be used with the VW-6000 for magnified observation. Choose from a lineup of over 30 types of lenses, including the RZ Lens Series, which boasts the best resolution in the industry. Select the perfect lens to match your application.

High quality depth composition

Peace of mind when observing targets with irregular surfaces

With the ability to obtain infinite depth of focus, observation time has been significantly reduced, even for targets that have irregular surfaces. High quality depth composition employs the hybrid D.F.D. method, which was perfected in the development of the VHX Series Microscopess. This microscope easily produces high quality composite images.

A completely in-focus composite image is created by bringing the highest parts of the target into focus and moving down to the lowest parts, then compiling the images from these different height intervals.

Quick 3D display

Simply move the lens down from top to bottom

Simply turn the focus adjustment dial to move the lens down and instantaneously display a 3D image of the target. The VW-6000 uses the same advanced technology employed by the VHX Series Microscopess and provides ultimate ease-of-use.

Composition is completed instantly once the focus has been shifted from the highest part of the target to the lowest point.

Halation Removal

Eliminate glare on targets

Highly-reflective targets produce glare, making them difficult to observe. The VW-6000 uses two algorithms to remove this glare, making it possible to observe details on shiny targets. This significantly reduces time spent adjusting lighting to reduce glare.

Halation Removal

Solder (150x)

Halation Removal - Two Algorithms

A.B.S. Algorithm

Detects the observation state of the screen as a whole, and adjusts brightness accordingly.

L.C.I. Algorithm

Improves contrast at the pixel level in addition to adjusting overall image brightness.

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